Typeform / Zapier / WordPress Integration

84EM built a custom plugin that handles an integration between WordPress, Zapier, and Typeform to save health goal quiz responses to WordPress user meta. The data is used for a variety of purposes; for email marketing purposes via Klaviyo, for on-site WooCommerce promotions by showing products relevant to the customer’s quiz results, and for business planning purposes.

The integration was built so that an existing WordPress user has their information saved immediately, whereas a user who does not yet exist in WordPress has their responses stored in a custom table so that if they register in WordPress with the same email address at a future data, their quiz responses will be stored to their user meta at that time.

The integration provides a custom REST API endpoint in WordPress for receiving the data, and a custom Zapier hook which receives quiz data from Typeform, allowing the customer to utilize the Zapier point & click interface to map the responses to user meta. Zapier then sends the data to the WordPress REST API via an authenticated webhook.

Additionally, the plugin provides shortcodes so that site editors can show the user’s quiz results anywhere on the site.